LaDonn Williams first Photo book of work. The book is create to bring a second dimension to photographs while scanning through the streets of Los Angles, CA. 


Made up of forty-six photographs that are intended to make you think past what you see. What Inspires You is a question we all should be asking ourselves on a daily. Finding Inspiration just in plain view is sometimes invisible to the common eye. What started as question, being asked in an interview, had LaDonn going back through years of images and asking himself, “why did I take this photo?” This book is not made for you to flip through pages. For each photo has its own dynamic range. So find out What Inspires You.




Dimension: 8.5” x 11”, Pages: 46 pages + Covers, Printing: HP Indigo, Paper: 100lb, Satin Paper, Binding: Stapled, Cover Paper Type: 100lb, Satin, Matte Lamination finish

This print is for personal usage only, intended for display in the home or other private spaces. This print cannot be reproduced or resold without the express permission of the artist.